Have you ever noticed that every recipe that you see nowadays say that the best way to tell if your meat, fish or chicken is cooked is to check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer? Meat thermometer

Like me do you get frustrated when the recipes do not give any indication on how to choose a meat thermometer or how to use one.  So here is a quick primer on how to choose and how to use a meat thermometer.   


At my local kitchen I swear that there is a whole wall of different models of meat thermometers.  There are some that look like a dial on the end of a skewer.  Others have digital read outs.   Some looks like a regular meat fork. Is there a better one to choose to use on the BBQ.  Although I wish I could say that I have personally tested all the thermometers on the market I instead was able to consult a few trusted sources for information.  Click on the links below for what is the best type of meat thermometers for you.