About me

Hi, I’m Kim Arrey!

I am a seasoned registered dietitian nutritionist in Montreal, Canada, who loves cooking and eating. To me, healthy eating means finding a way to eat a variety of foods that can nourish both my body and my SOUL. You think I only eat “healthy” foods? No, you will definitely find me enjoying ice-creams with my family in the summer. In the end, it’s all about knowing how to make choices to balance between foods that can physically support me by providing me essential nutrients and foods that make me happy. With that said, I never believe in restrictive diets because they take away all the joy of eating and hurt our relationship with foods. When you work with me, you won’t find me forcing you to give up certain foods if you aren’t ready to do so. Instead, we’ll work at your own pace, discover the tweaks you feel comfortable making and empower you with tools, courage and knowledge to help you move forward. Learn more about the available services here.

Believe it or not, I have arthritis and a lot of people in my family also have arthritis. Many clients came to me to seek weight-loss support because they’ve been told that their arthritis can be resolved if they lose weight. However, I was sad to see some of them had been following very rigid diets, which kept them in the yo-yo dieting and weight cycling and made them feel stressed and exhausted every time when they think about healthy eating. All of these made me passionate about anti-inflammatory eating and knowing how to manage arthritis through nutrition. Now, as an expert in anti-inflammatory eating, I want to share my expertise in this field with you to help you manage your arthritis, move the way you want to move and live the life you want to live! Learn more about my books here.

From my experience of working with clients, I realize that seeing all that nutrition information in the news or on social media platforms can leave people feeling confused. If that’s you, take advantage of my nutrition blogs and podcasts. As a public speaker, nutrition blogger and spokesperson, I am dedicated to sharing credible information about food and nutrition to help you make healthy eating easier and tastier. Learn more about my blogs and other resources here.



Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics major) from the McGill University


Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the American Dietetic Association


Certificate of Training in RYGB (Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass) Nutrition from Taylor College for Continuing Education and the ASMBS

Professional organization


Member of the Order of Dietitians of Quebec


Member of Dietitians of Canada


Member of the Canadian Obesity Network


Formerly - Volunteer member of the advisory board of Arthritis Society Canada Quebec Division


Volunteer for the Arthritis Society

Portfolio of Prior work

Television Programs
  • This Morning Live on Global TV
  • What’sCooking?
  • FlabGabs
  • Louise à votre service
  • CH Morning Live (Ontario)
  • Rogers Daytime (Ontario)
  • A-Channel Morning Show (Ontario)
Magazine & Newspaper Contributor / Interview
  • Doctor’s Review
  • Bientotmaman
  • Canadian Health
  • The Gazette
  • Vancouver Sun
  • National Post
  • Ottawa Citizen
  • Journal de Montreal
Radio Programs
  • CBC Montreal
  • CBC Quebec
  • 98.5 FM with Paul Houde
  • CIBL Radio- L’Omnivore
  • CJAD Weekends with Ken every Saturday morning at 6:40 am
Spokesperson / Consultant
  • Health Check
  • National Nutrition Month in Quebec
  • Almond Board of California
  • Centrum Vitamins
  • Country Harvest Bread
  • Judge at the Canadian Grand Prix New Products Awards
  • Canadian Egg Marketing Association
  • McCain Potato Facts
  • All Bran Buds with Psyllium
  • Tylenol Arthritis Canada
Website Contributor / Interview
  • Chatelaine
  • MyDecision.ca
  • Quaker Oats
  • Today’s Parent
  • CTV.ca
  • Arthritis Society of Canada


“You are an excellent speaker-clear, concise, very professional and very well informed, and you presented the material in an easily-understood manner, with warmth and a sense of humor. We were all very impressed.”
Tzipie Freedman

Regional Director, Act to End Violence Against Women - www.acttoendvaw.org