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Did you know that inflammation can wreak havoc on more than just our joints? When inflammation lingers in your body for a long time, it could damage your organs and tissues.

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About me

Hi there, I’m Kim Arrey!

I am a seasoned registered dietitian nutritionist from Montreal, Canada. My mission is to provide you with clear, practical and personal advice so that you can keep inflammation under control while living the life you want to live!

As a nutrition consultant, my 40+ years of experience of working with clients who want to manage inflammation, lose weight, combat depression, or boost their energy levels has allowed me to discover that there can be many different paths to achieve everyone’s goals. What goals do you have in mind? Together, I can help you to find your path, and I will be here every step of the way on your journey to a happy and well-nourished life.

I am also a public speaker, nutrition blogger and spokesperson.I am dedicated to sharing credible information about food and nutrition to help you make healthy eating easier and tastier.


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It’s okay to feel unsure about where to start. Tell me where you are at and what you need. Together, we will find a way that works best for you.

1-on-1 nutrition consultation

I know it’s hard to make changes to your eating habits. So, let me help you to start working on small steps that you can achieve and sustain!

Group Mediterranean diet coaching

Working and learning in groups can be fun! Sign up to learn how to follow the Mediterranean diet. This diet can help reduce inflammation and risks of chronic diseases such as heart disease.

Anti-inflammatory eating workshop

For dietitians who work or will be working with patients who have autoimmune or pro-inflammatory conditions, this workshop will save you hours of researching and help you keep up with all the purported ‘anti-inflammatory’ diets and literature out there.



My Books


The Complete Arthritis Health Diet, Guide and Cookbook

If you have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis orifyouhavebeen struggling withdiseasemanagement and you have a million questions about:

  • What are the best treatments?
  • Should I exercise?
  • What should I eat?
  • Do I need to lose weight?
  • Should I take a supplement?

This book can help you!


Anti-inflammatory Eating Made Quick and Easy E-book

If you ever wonder what anti-inflammatory eating is and what you could eat for meals,read this book! This workbook makes anti-inflammatory eating simple and easy.

In this book, you’ll find strategies to adopt an anti-inflammatory food and lifestyle pattern aswellas self-awareness questions, inspiration, and action planning exercises to help you recognize your preferences and learn how to deal with them to set you up for success.

Featured reviews
“This book did not disappoint. It is packed with reliable content, case studies, quick reference charts, sidebars and ˋDid you know’ text boxes with perceptive details. It is an easy read to help people grasp the current understanding of the diseases, symptoms, diagnosis and mitigation. I was particularly struck by the explanation of role and impact of the immune system components and auto-immunity – a decidedly difficult subject for me to comprehend – but explained brilliantly.”
J. R.

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