During the summer month’s people change how they eat! They put away their stock pots and slow cookers and get out the grill. Here are a couple of tips that will help to keep you and your family well fed and safe during the summer months.

Keep an insulated bag in your car: trips to the grocery store should be quick. If your food is to be stored in the car for any length of time (more than 1 hour) store items that should be refrigerated in an insulated bag. Keep the food in the coolest place in the car.

Keep cold food cold and hot food hot: storing food during a heat wave can be a challenge. We know that bacteria grow well at temperatures between 4 degrees C and 60 degrees C, or 40-140 degrees F. The key is to keep foods either hotter or colder than these temperatures.

Grilling: charring food can lead to the build up of harmful chemicals in our food. Grill foods at Summer Nutrition tipslower temperatures and choosing lower fat cuts of meat, fish or poultry can reduce the build up of these harmful chemicals.

Marinades: Marinating meat in an acidic marinade ( wine, vinegar, lemon juice) will reduce the formation of these chemicals. Remember to throw them out after use. They can only be used again if they are brought to the boil to kill the bacteria.

Always use a meat thermometer to ensure proper cooking. Every year, people find themselves sick because they ate under cooked ground meat .