Spring is a rejuvenating time of the year.  We clean up our house and get ready for summer.  We can take advantage of this and clean up our eating habits as we clean up the kitchen. 

The Pantry

Empty the pantry.  Take advantage of this to put all foods that are not high in nutrients either in the garbage or at the very least out of plain sight.  Next time you go shopping replace these items with groceries that contain more nutrients.

Check your herbs and spices for freshness.  The sniff test is a great way to tell if these items are still fresh.  If, when you sniff, there is no aroma, then it is time to clear out your spice rack.

Make your grocery list

Most major grocery chains offer shopping on line.  Take a few minutes to look at the website of your favourite grocery chain, and shop for healthier choices.  In the calm of your home you can evaluate different products and take the time to make a list that includes brand names of the products you want to purchase.

Exercise Equipment

Don’t forget to tune up your bicycles, buy new running/walking shoes, and generally get ready for summer sports.