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Kombi:   Glove manufacturer lends a hand to people with arthritis

Mark   Pascal knows about pain.

“My   grandmother had crippling rheumatoid arthritis. She suffered for almost a   decade and it got worse annually. Her fingers were deformed and the result   was visibly painful. She suffered terribly and there was nothing we could do   to help her.”

So   when Mark was diagnosed with arthritis and spinal stenosis eight years ago,   he already had a hint of what he might be in for. “I’m fortunate in   that, unlike many with these conditions, I deal more with stiffness than with   pain at this stage. But it has made me very aware of what it must be like for   those people who do live with the constant pain of arthritis – especially in   Canada, where the cold winters can play havoc with your joints.”

It   was this thinking that led Mark Pascal, vice-president of Kombi in Montreal, to   think about developing special products suitable for people with joint pain.   Mark Pascal and his father Ed run Kombi, a sportswear design and   manufacturing company known worldwide for the design and production of   high-performance cold weather gear. The family-owned and run business   celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011, and has operated since 1961 under   the Kombi name.

Mark’s   brainwave was heating gloves.

“Heating   outerwear just makes sense when you’re living with the harsh realities of   winter in Canada, or pursuing some of the more extreme winter sports. But I   could see that they would also offer added value for people with arthritis   who are much more susceptible to the cold. People like my grandmother.”

Kombi’s   Radiator gloves and mitts offer up to 4 hours of heating to ease arthritis   pain and protect the wearer under the most extreme cold weather conditions   imaginable. Rechargeable batteries and push-button simplicity make the gloves   user-friendly, and state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing ensure they   stay warm, dry and durable.

As   a special promotion, Kombi is making their Radiator gloves and mitts   available at a 25% discount to Arthritis Society supporters. And 65% of the   proceeds from each sale will support The Society’s research initiatives and   programs for people living with arthritis.

“I’m   learning that staying active is an important part of managing your   arthritis,” says Mark. “But it can be hard to stay active when the   thermometer drops. It’s our hope that these gloves will help people living   with arthritis stay active in comfort during the long Canadian winter.”

The   Arthritis Society thanks the Pascal family and Kombi for making their Kombi   Radiator gloves and mitts available for the benefit of the Arthritis Society,   and for their loyal support over many years.

To   order, please call us at 514-846-8840, ext. 2427 or 1-800-321-1433,   ext. 2427 and ask for the Kombi offer. Or, email:


Mark   Pascal and his father Ed run Kombi in Montreal.