Many of my clients come to me with questions on how to incorporate healthy eating into their
time challenged schedules. The most common concern I hear is about finding a suitable meal
when travelling, rushing to and from the office, or even when scurrying to do errands on the
weekend. Yes, it can be difficult but with some planning and some practice I can guarantee you
will be able to find options to meet all your dietary needs. Read on to find out how one of my
clients and I tackled the situation.

One of my clients (let’s call her Julie) came to see me because she had just booked a flight and
she knew she would be spending a lot of time in an airport and on the road. Julie mentioned
that one of her children’s favorite places to eat was SUBWAY® Restaurants and she wondered if
this would be suitable option to consider. So off we went to the internet in search of some
healthy choices.

Before starting our search we knew that SUBWAY® offered salads and low fat options like their
eight sandwiches with under six grams of fat. What we did not know was that SUBWAY has
been making behind the scene changes to their menu offerings, by taking steps to remove all
artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. This is on top of the company’s already strong
lineup of vegetables and bread offerings. As part of our research we learned that SUBWAY
Restaurants has :

  • Reduced the sodium content of their menu items by 26% since 2008
  • Removed high fructose corn syrup and trans fats from all sandwiches and salads
  • Added more healthy toppings like avocado and baby spinach
  • Removed artificial colours flavours and preservatives from their pickles, banana peppers, flatbread, steak and prime rib sandwiches and are wrong towards the goal of having all menu items free of additives by 2017
  • Received the seal of approval from the Whole Grain Council for both the 9 Grain Wheat

Bread and the 9 Grain Honey Oat Bread. (They both contain 24 grams of whole grain or more per serving).

SUBWAY® restaurants is just one suggestion for meals on the go. Wherever you choose, I
recommend doing some research in advance. Most restaurants have a web site and it often
has a section that allows you to see the menu. Other sites, like SUBWAY® have the nutrition
information for all the offerings on the menu listed. Once you see your choices you can make a
decision on what your best options are, depending on your health condition and what your
taste buds enjoy. Remember to look for places that offer lots of fresh vegetables, leaner
proteins and that you can have your meal customized to your needs.

For those times that you are unable to stop at a restaurant, or don’t find one with appropriate
choices remember to keep some healthy snacks in your purse, briefcase or sports bag. Having a
serving of fruit along with some nuts or cheese, or some whole grain crackers with some
spreadable cheese can curb your hunger until you are able to make it to the
restaurant that you so carefully chose before you left that day.

This post is sponsored by SUBWAY restaurants but the thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.