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 5-week Webcast  Program

Join me for a 5-week webcast (online video presentation) and learn HOW to battle arthritis pain with food and do it at your own pace, reviewing information as often as you like!

You will learn how to;

  • Tell if a particular food triggers pain and inflammation
  • Eat on the run
  • Prepare arthritis friendly foods
  • Figure out howto include some of your favourite foods
  • Figure out if a supplement might be useful for you

As a special bonus, once a week I’ll be online and available to answer your questions and help you tailor your eating to your specific needs and wants!

Also available for group sessions

The 5-week program is also available for groups. Our small group (5 – 8 participants to ensure individual attention) will meet and and learn HOW to battle arthritis pain with food and do it in a sustainable way that doesn’t deprive you of your favorite foods but rather teaches you how to include them in a healthy way!

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