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Kim Arrey is a Montreal region Dietitian/Nutritionist.

Is all the nutrition information in the news leaving you feeling confused?  Let me help you to take a common sense approach to healthy eating.  Science tells us that eating well is one of the best ways we have to ensure we stay healthy.  Combining healthy eating habits with exercise and stress management are the keys to good health.

This website is a place where you can come to find answers to your questions about losing weight, sustaining your new weight, and about how food can help keep your body, mind and spirit  working in an optimal way. Together we can  build solutions to your food related questions.

Many years of working with clients who want to lose weight has allowed me to discover that there can be many different paths to achieve our goals. Together we can  help you to find your path.

Kim is a member of the Order of Dietitians of Quebec, of Dietitians of Canada, and of the American Dietetic Association, and the Canadian Obesity Network.  She has completed her Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the American Dietetic Association and in RYGB (Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass) Nutrition from Taylor College for Continuing Education and from the ASMBS.

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